NextGen ISR Video

Inter-Op has partnered with Vidterra to further expand on the TSM ISR video ecosystem with a focus on developing software and appliance-based solutions to fix hard ISR problems.

Our combined team has cultivated 80+ years of experience in ISR video delivery and exploitation. We have mastered ISR video craft and designing products for users that do not have time to be ISR experts.

what we do: make isr easy

Direct SME support for high-visibility engagements

Video diagnostic tools for field and training environments

Tailored ISR software applications

Expertise in ISR workflows and system architecture

Cloud and on-premise solutions for simulation of complex video environments


Vidterra APEX is a software platform for ISR video asset management, diagnosis and testing. APEX is designed to perform complex video tasks without requiring complex video know-how.

  • Cloud and on-premise solutions for simulation of complex video environments
  • Search video by name, tag, time, or location. Quickly locate related videos across an entire library
  • Tag assets and timelines. Identify video and metadata characteristics and pinpoint issues across common files
  • Simulate live streaming video+KLV using recorded files. Execute full system ops checks prior to live missions


Automated ISR Video Delivery
Edge | Enterprise | Everywhere

COMPASS makes video distribution simple by using intelligent software to replace complex network routing.

Each COMPASS instance automatically discovers, processes and delivers video in multiple formats for tactical users. Link together instances at different locations into a cluster for remote monitoring and orchestration from a central dashboard. Move video from site to site with only a single click.

  • Compress & Convert Video

    Designed for DOD video protocols, transports and codecs. Convert to compatible formats in real-time to deliver video that is compatible for each user and network.

  • Auto-Discover Video

    Automatic source discovery via network monitoring, SAP messages and TAK/COT announcements. No operator is required to discover new network videos

  • Control Video

    Orchestrate multiple COMPASS servers remotely to move video between sites with one click. Integrated TAK server delivers video to edge tactical devices.

  • Reduce Video Congestion

    Pull UVDS videos into COMPASS over a WAN connection and share to unlimited LAN viewers. Reduces WAN congestion by eliminating duplicate viewing of UVDS.