Capabilities and products expertly designed for network scalability, extreme mobility, and challenging RF environments. TWC-950 TSM Shadow, TWC-875 TSM Ghost Relay, TWC-860 TSM Spirit and TWC-870 TSM Ghost Module now Industry Canada and FCC Certified for Commercial Use.

TrellisWare® software defined radios operate using the robust TSM waveform, and at the core of the waveform is Barrage Relay™ patented technology that outperforms other MANET systems in real tactical environments. TrellisWare radios are specifically built with advanced digital signal processing and capable of evolving to meet ever-changing mission requirements, rather than leveraging borrowed consumer-grade Wi-Fi or LTE. With some of the smallest form factors and a variety of configurations available, TrellisWare radios best enable mission success.

All radios are interoperable with each other and provide the same excellence in network coverage, communication services, security, and application support.

TrellisWare’s low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) radios support on-the-move communications without having to manually change out RF bands and modules, or antennas. Barrage Relay networking enables continuous and flexible frequency coverage, and TSM radios effortlessly provide transparent IP networking adaptable to any harsh RF environment or when mission-critical parameters change.

TrellisWare builds strong, durable radios from the inside out.
Not only do they house the most robust performing waveform, but they are product validated to comply with current U.S. Military Standards (MIL-STD-810G). From the design stages to the field, TrellisWare’s tactical radios focus on job-enabling connectivity, survival, and ruggedization.


Canadian Army’s Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) Waveform of Record

TrellisWare’s TSM waveform supports flexible bandwidths while optimizing information flow over the network. All nodes in a network collaboratively receive and retransmit multi-hop networking traffic, maintaining overhead and maximizing reliable throughput. The TSM waveform supports simultaneous voice, data, video, and position location information (PLI). TSM’s non-routing approach ensures robust networking performance and scalability, especially in harsh RF environments.

The TrellisWare® TSM® waveform (current version TSM 6.2.1) facilitates secure mission critical voice, multicast HD video, data, and PLI delivery in the most severe conditions. TSM is enabled by TrellisWare’s patented technology, known as Barrage Relay™, which eliminates routing, provides unrivaled scalability, and uses less spectrum than any other Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) technology.

As a widely adopted MANET waveform software product, TSM is the interoperability standard, and features the following capabilities:

  • Modern, resilient, tactical wideband MANET waveform – automatically adapts to link outages and rapid multi-hop network topology changes caused by on-the-move operation in urban and other severe multipath environments.
  • Services: voice, ethernet-based data, unicast and multicast HD video, and Position Location Information (PLI).
  • Supports more than 800 nodes in a single channel, enabling an exceptionally robust, flat network that is easy to use and deploy.
  • Program of Record (PoR) networking waveform for USSOCOM, US Army, US Marine Corps, and coalition partners.
  • Highly efficient, making the best use of scarce spectrum.
  • Available with various encryption levels.

TSM provides enhanced network throughput, flexible bandwidth, adaptability, and waveform portability. It is also available in low SWaP SDRs, and embeddable into platforms ranging from commercial micro unmanned aerial systems to tactical radios. The Trellis//Sphere® ecosystem delivers a powerful network, enabling interoperability between partner platforms, sensors, and systems.

The TSM-X™ waveform has all the capabilities of TSM, with added software functionality to support NSA-certified (Type-1) security architectures.