Public Safety

The world of public safety consists of all Canadian Tri-Service organizations and any other Emergency Responder Service.

As active Industry members, Inter-Op Canada strongly suggests to all Canadian Public Safety Organizations to join the Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG) in order to leverage the extensive amount of information and lessons learned by Canadian Public Safety Stakeholders from across the Nation back to their respective communities; immediately improving upon their local communications interoperability.

Inter-Op Canada's Mutualink Solution was specifically designed to engage the entire Emergency Responder Community as a whole and allows them to leverage an entire cities communication, multimedia and informational resources to one another in an "On Demand, As Authorized" manner, enabling ad hoc interoperability for all Canadian communities. Our Mutualink Solution works in line with the National Emergency Response System and Incident Command System and instantly improves situational awareness.

Read more about how Mutualink Redefined Interoperability across the State of New Jersey.

About CITIG: A Partnership that Works

"The Canadian Interoperability Technology Interest Group (CITIG) was created in 2007 to improve Canadian public safety communications interoperability. It is a responder-driven, federally-funded activity, led by the Canadian Police Research Center that brings together responders, academia, industry and government stakeholders who share a common interest in enhancing Canada's communications interoperability and are dedicated to improving the safety and security of first responders, and the people, and critical infrastructure of Canada.

CITIG was formalized when the Canadian Police Research Center (CPRC) and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) joined forces with the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) and Emergency Medical Services Chiefs of Canada (EMSCC) to work together to improve public safety interoperability in  Canada."