Private Sector

Private Sector & Corporate Campuses across the Nation should always be tied to the Emergency Responder Community as needed, on demand, as authorized due to their immediate economic impact during natural or man made disasters. They are Canadian Critical Infrastructure of the out most importance to all Canadian citizens and communities, yet are often disassociated from the Emergency Responder environment other than having standard 911 access. The increasing amount of video, data and informational content the Private Sector has access to must be leveraged over to the community as an emergency situation dictates.

Inter-Op Canada's Mutualink Solution allows such Critical Infrastructure to immediately put Public Safety Canada's National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure in action by:

  1. Building Partnerships with local community stakeholders and enhance cross-sector resiliency
  2. Implementing an All-hazards risk management approach
  3. Advancing the timely sharing and protection of information among partners and key stakeholders

Read more about how Mutualink has created a dynamic, real-time Emergency Preparedness Network enabling Critical Infrastructure to leverage their multimedia resources to the Emergency Responder Community.